Natural Odorless Fire Starters - Approx. 50 Pack

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Natural Odorless Fire Starters - Approx. 50 Pack

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Hyoola Firestarters - 100% Natural Fire Starters - Easy to Use for BBQ & Grill, Campfire, Charcoal, Fire Pit. Waterproof for Indoor/Outdoor Use - No Flare Ups - 10 - 12 Minute Burn - 50/100 Firelighters
100% NATURAL: All natural pods/cubes - non-toxic and environmentally safe. Different than the usual fire starter squares Hyoola firestarters are made of only organic materials - wood and paraffin wax

QUICK AND EASY: Lights any fire with safety, ease and convenience. No flare ups - ideal lighter log for indoor and outdoor use. You need only one piece to light any fire.

12 MINUTE BURN: 50 piece pack fire starters are long-lasting tumbleweeds wood cubes and are the best choice for all indoor & outdoor fires. A must-have item for every bbq kit!

MULTI USE: These are ideal for camping, fishing & hunting trips. great use for grills, bbq, wood/pellet stoves, fireplaces, smokers, coal stoves, fire pits, bonfires and campfires. Perfect for emergencies: whether it is a power outage or blackout